Zixi Consumer/ Producer for CasparCG

Hi Guys, been around on the old forum, but first post on the new one!

I have been playing around with Zixi video delivery. Seems like a pretty awesome tool to punch out streams over crappy internet connections. I was wondering if anyone else sees a use for a Zixi Producer and Consumer add on to CasparCG?

Yes, I remember you.

From a quick search I found, that Zixi accepts at least input in NDI. Why should we add an extra consumer / producer to it, when you simply could use NDI? In the past we removed a few consumers (Scene and Photoshop) because no one had the time and resources to support them, and we wanted to minimize the code size to maintain.

That said you still can fork CasparCG and add that, if you see a need, but, at least from my perspective, don’t expect it to be added to the main version.

Hi Didi! Good to be back looking at CasparCG :slight_smile: Glad your still about.

My idea was to use Zixi to join CasparCG servers that are remote (ie not on my local network, but in another country for example) So it is not really comparable to NDI.

In my case I may stream an Ultimate Frisbee game in the Netherlands, and I want a remote commentator to voice the game who is located in the UK.

May be good for the Zixi community and the CasperCG community to collide, may bring some more contributors / users / Development. When I spoke to the Zixi folk they seemed keen to look at building something. Ill poke them again.

Sounds interesting, but why would you need Zixi to be integrated into Caspar for doing this? You could easy go into Zixi via NDI to send the signals over, right?

Zixi integration in other systems is usually nothing more than an external Zixi process handling RX or TX and relaying. It would be much wiser to do something based on open standards like RIST (or the much worse SRT) than proprietary modifications of FEC/ARQ that Zixi has.

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Good points, Ill chat with the Zixi folks a bit more, if they are keen to build and maintain something it may be useful for some on a fork. And useful for the Zixi users to have CasperCG :slight_smile:

Zixi allready has an OBS integration and a VLC Plug In.

Have you checked out Obs.ninja for your commentator? You can send your game-feed from a computer as NDI/Decklink etc depending on your enviroment. Then the voice (and webcam) from the commentator can be imported (https-stream) using vMix/OBS etc to your systems.
The delay of OBS.ninja is fantastic.

Would love to hear more about how RIST is superior to SRT, I’ve used SRT but not RIST yet.



I’ve tested both and they both do their job.
Choosing one or the other depends
also on what the other end of the link can provide.

Good presentation (movie) by IRT institute experts to see: