Youtube live playback

Playback of normal youtube videos works most of the time ok with CasparCG.

But I can’t get live videostream to work, I use
PLAY 1-1 [HTML] "
the nohtml5 tag worked in the past, but now I always get

Which version of casparcg?

With all versions sofar, including V2.2

What framerate does the stream has? And the channel you play it on?

if you copy
PLAY 1-1 [HTML] "

this is the youtube url

I try to playback in HD 1080p25 or 720p25.
frame rate of the stream 30p

That is probably the problem. Framerates of source and channel should match. I think Caspar 2.2 has a converter, but I did not had the time to test that myself…

Didi, Theo is trying to play the html page not a direct video stream.

It looks like youtube has updated their minimum required chrome version, meaning that the newer version in 2.2 is now too old (63 was released in december 2017)

thats right, a while ago this worked… but Google Youtube keeps changing…