YLE Caspartool

We released a client that is primary targeted for news-like lowerthirds. No automation.
YLE Github
“Yle Caspartool
Yle Caspartool is a browser based controller / client for html-template graphics playout using CasparCG server(s). Client is developed for a specific use case at Yle (http://www.yle.fi) and is not intended to be a generic playout client for CasparCG.”

br markus


Looks cool

Cool tool. I played around a little. It works under Ubuntu 16.04 too.
with minor changes to env.txt.
(the only thing missing is the authentication prior using web interface.)

Thank you YLE / SmartPX .

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Thanks Markus for bringing this up!

YLE Caspartool (https://github.com/Yleisradio/caspartool) was designed to be operated super easily by non-technical producers, journalists and operators. The content for the playout “rundows” can be modified on-the-fly or prepared in advance (into JSON-files) which can be transferred to playout.

Different visual program styles or brand packages can be stored into different “profiles”, so you might have one template package for Music shows, another for Culture shows, etc… And Caspartool can have several CasparCG servers configured, so different templates can play out on different servers/channels/layers.

During Covid19 the Caspartool has also been used to do remote production “from home” by a VPN connection to the playout environment.

Naturally this is not a replacement for a fully fledged playout client, but works really well in some scenarios.

We have more development going on in this type of controller and we will be announcing that hopefully very soon. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me at tuomo@smartpx.fi or in this forum for more info.

–Tuomo / SmartPX