XML setup help

Hello Everyone, I’m starting to experiment with XML. I created my first xml file by making a excel spreadsheet saving it as a workbook and as an XML file then mapped the xml file to the workbook. this seems to have worked fine.

So the use i’m looking at is updating a lower 3rd name key, for example I often have projects where I have dozens of lower 3rd title keys, and rather then retyping the information every time I would like to use xml to update the key, so I created my map with all of the information for all of the the guests. So now that I have all this information how do I direct CCG to the Row of data I want to use for the key?

Is there code I need to add to the spreadsheet? or to the HTML file other then the code to call the xml.

can anyone straighten me out.

Thank you

There is a much easier way to get from Excel to Caspar, see this topic.

that’s amazing thank you!