WTF in new Dell 7920

Hi Everyone XD

I’ve one problem, I’ve server Dell Precision 7920 Rack with one core, when I create template with simple textfield and added external video in timeline (AS3, FLVPlayback), but in my local station and Dell Precision 7910 Rack everything work great, but in 7920 where framerate is played video in 25fps, where animation(textfield in timeline) in flash playing fasted. This is WTF and I don’t know why, I’m removed any security update Adobe from windows update, but problem still. Operating System is 10 Pro, maybe someone, have similirar problem, but i don’t know why this server react strange from previous version, which is OK. I’m very appreaciate for any suggestion, because lack any idea.

Cheers, and happy Weekend XD

There it states that there is a known problem playing FLV videos in the Flash producer as there is a mismatch in the sample rate of the audio.
Are you using FLV or MP4? Seems more an audio related problem. Duble check audio output settings.

I’m using FLV, works great( in point at accurate framerate) , but textfield in flash timeline, is fasted, framerate is 25 fps (on Stage), i don’t know why, because configuration and other things as the same, at 7910. I;m read Your issue, and did this things, but that not solve my problem. Maybe this in problem on Windows or Decklink 12G. It’s something strange for me and I don’t know where is problem, because everything is ok for me. XD

Thanks for reply.

What is the framerate of the document in animate? Does it match the channel framerate?

In the 25fps document, on the 1080i5000 channel, but when I check, the number of frames per second is 25 fps (information template on the Caspar server), but in the documentation, where fps (where the producer is divided, example fps / 2 in flash), but I try to extend fps on a Flash document, but it doesn’t work, and WTF. The server is 2.2. Strange things …


problem temporary solved, is caused by not-constant playing video in flash, because this depend from hardware CPU, one of the ways is create in After Effects all animation and exporting as one .flv file.