Wrong colors out of Decklink Extreme 4K

Hi everyone,

I have wrong colors out of Decklink 4K Extreme.
Format is 2160p2500
CCG Server 2.1.0 Beta 2
6G Out directly to the monitors.
Any ideas what‘s wrong?

It looks like a missing R-Y signal. During analog days, that was a faulty cable :slight_smile: Is it only while playing video clips or does it also happen while playing templates? Do you have the problem also in other resolutions?

If yes, I would guess a faulty card or a driver problem.

When using 1080i5000 with the same setup everything is fine. Only the 4K resolutions are faulty. Looks like an CCG error to me

Happens also when playing images or templates.

Latest decklink drivers (and tried some version before - same result)

Try change in Decklink configuration to BT.2020, maybe help

I had ours working on 12G soo i guess 6G should not be a problem.
can you show us a grab of your desktopvideo settings.

and perhaps a photo of good old colorbars.

its keyer setting for output. If you have internal switch them to external.


That should be no difference, if you only look at the fill output and play full screen stuff (as in the pic’s he posted).

Well, for me it was the other way around. Setting the keyer to internal fixed the problem. Was set to external :slight_smile:

good to hear, I had this issue before but wasn’t able to fully remember

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