Wipe and Slide transitions with Server pre v2.3

It seems Wipe and Slide transitions are completely screwed up with interlaced content. I’ve ran into this problem with Server ~v2.2 earlier. And just now after switching to v2.1.12_NRK.

Still images and progressive video seem fine. Transitioning from progressive to interlaced is fine as well. Going from interlaced to interlaced images starts “blooming”. Interlaced to progressive transitions are ignored and images just cuts after the transition duration.

This only seems to happen with Wipes and Slides. Mixes, Pushes and (obviously) Cuts are fine.

Could somebody try this on their system? I want to make sure this is not specific to my setup.

Thank you and Merry Xmas! :christmas_tree:


It’s been a while since I looked over that code, but IIRC it’s always done as progressive so interlace might be baking in. Can’t test for you though until next year.

Don’t have time to look it over but the relevant code is mostly this:

Thanks @hreinnbeck and no worries… Yeah, I’ve been looking at this file this morning. Should be able to try a few things shortly.

This seems to do the trick:

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