Windows 10 system...Decklink or HDMI

Hello all, just wondering if CasparCG will now work with Windows 10? I’ve had it on Windows 7 for several years now, but haven’t been using it for a while. Also, will it still need a Decklink Card installed in Computer, or can both the key and fill be sent out through Laptop HDMI, then switcher controls fill/key? Thanks.

  • Arlen

CasparCG works with Windows 10. For serious broadcast purposes it’s still best to use a Decklink card to get synchronized fill and key outputs.

What you can do is use a DataVideo TC-200. Support for it is added, according to this issue. That gives you a fill & key from a Laptop’s HDMI output.

Hi Madis

Thanks for your reply. I had been using CasparCG a few years ago, and just recently upgraded my system to Windows 10. I had previously used the CasparCG Server 2.0.7, along with my Client 2.0.8, with the Front End of 2.0.7 which all worked with Windows 7, but don’t work now.

Is there any way you may be able to assist in downloading the correct updated Server, and newer Client? I’ve downloaded what I thought were correct, but I’m not tech savvy, and nothing worked. Wondering if either you or Didkunz or Vimlish or Jonas may be able to assist through Team Viewer? I have both a Decklink SDI Card and Decklink Extreme 3 D Card. Just pretty confused. Vimlesh helped so much in terms of setting everything up the first time I used it years ago. I don’t think I’ll need help working with the Client and Server once they are installed and running properly on my computer.


  • Arlen