Windows 10 and flash observation

so i have a few servers running windows 7 and playing some flash templates.
one failed and i put a computer on line to fill in.
this system is a windows 10 computer and i never installed flash on it so it just has a
default windows install.
after the smoke clear i was looking at it and realized that one of the templates
is an old flash template. and not having the correct version of flash it should not work at all.
as i have had the wrong version of flash on a windows 7 box and that was a chore to fix.

so i did some digging and sure enough it had flash ver

Did i just get lucky or is this an option?

Windows 10 always includes some version of Flash Player as an Edge add-on. It gets updated through Windows Update and can’t be uninstalled, upgraded or downgraded manually.
Caspar uses this installation without any trouble. It only needs ClearType turned off.