Why it stops every time?

Please tell me what server and client version is the most stable, because I have rundown with 12 hours files inside, but it stops every time, dont steps to the next, even if is clicked Group and Auto Next. All files are MP4. What should I try? This list needs to be looped all day/7/7 on the week.

Would you mind telling us, what you try to do and what goes wrong? Does it simply stop because it does not load the next video or does it stop with an error? What hardware / Caspar configuration etc.

Hi, I uploaded some pictures. I dont see errors. Doesn’t jump to the next. Blackmagic Decklink Duo card with 4 outputs. The files are playing only once, doesnt loop and jump in the list.

Aha! The official client is not made for unattended play out. You can try PlyCast or FolderPlayout.

Thank U! I will try it!