Which version to use?

I’m currently using the 2.2.0-stable-windows version of CasparCG, and it’s working pretty well.
Lately I have been looking into using GPU accelleration for the HTML producer, and on the same time I have read on github that several people are have framerate-issues with the HTML producer.
I found issue #1217 on github where it looks like theres has been found a fix.

The context stated above lead my into some confusion on which versions are which. What is placed in the 2.2.x folder on builds.casparcg.com, what is placed in the master folder, and what is recommended for what?

I’m willing to use a slightly more unstable version of casparcg (where I have to test my specific rundown to make sure everything works as expected) if I can gain different new functions fx. GPU accelleration of HTML producer, better playback of certain HTML templates and so on.

Inside the 2.2.x folder is newer minimally tested builds containing some bug fixes on 2.2.0.
Inside master is the next version (2.3). These have a bunch of new functionality and is not very tested so you will want to thoroughly test, but a lot of people don’t have any problems with them. It is one of these builds that you will need to get the gpu acceleration

Great, thanks!
What version are you using @Julusian?

Is there a good overview somewhere (properbly on github?), describing known bugs and advantages in the different versions?