What kind of BlueFish Card is better and more strong for CasparCG Server - Custom Client for graphics....?


Hi… i want to make a VideoServer Playout and always i’m trying with BlackMagic…
so i want to make a new one with a BlueFish Tecnologies… What kind of BlueFish Card i can use
or your can recommend to me to make better package with graphics HD/4KCustom Client/Server…?

Be in contact waiting answer…/ thanks at all.


Hi, I never tried Bluefish, what is the problem, that you want to use it?


Hello Victor,

I own about twenty Bluefish444 cards - Supernova, EPOCH, and Neutron. Some are the older 2k, some are the newer 4k. They all work perfectly with CASPAR, although I never have attempted a higher resolution than 1080p. I’m simply not sure if CASPAR supports any 4k resolutions on the BF444 cards, although I have used the cards @ 4k using the BF444 C++ toolkit.

The important thing with BF444 is to understand all the cards are flashable, so you’ve got to flash them with the correct firmware for your purposes. All three of those types of BF444 cards (Epoch, Supernova, Neutron) can be flashed as “capture” cards, so if your BF444 card is flashed for inputs only, then CASPAR will not output anything.

If you register your card with BF444, you will gain access to their tookit, and the toolkit contains a firmware flash program and all the available firmware. Re-flashing only takes a few minutes.


Thanks TMS_Hawaii great for the answer. I want to test with a better graphics board. Thanks for the info. I got you.


Hi Didikunz, is not problem with BM card, just trying to get highend graphics results. Because BF444 i supose that can bright better alphachannel graphics and the graphics antialiasing will be better. I love Blackmagic.