What is the best graphic card for Caspar Deployment

Hi guys, I appreciate if anyone could tell me what is the better graphic card for CasparCG. I’m newbie in Caspar stuff and I want know better about the best hardware for its deployment. Thanks in advance!!

There is no „Best“ graphic card. I usually buy a nVidia Quadro. Buy the most expensive one you can aford. But also a good GeForce will do.

I think it more or less comes down to the overall project’s complexity. I simply ran CasparCG Server (in screen-only mode) on every device I owned to get a “feel” of what CasparCG Server needs.

I suppose I should count myself lucky that my real-case use scenario isn’t heavy enough to require a graphics card; I’m using a Decklink Duo 2 with an old i7 2600’s HD2000 iGPU for (now) a single 720p50 fill/key using only HTML-rendering and getting very reliable results.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the answers. I just would know about better hardware for better performance. I had read about the use of graphic card to better template and general graphics performance. I test Caspar in laptop Core i3 4th Gen, and the results are bads. I test with Quadro and Decklink Duo 2 for the begining, I’ll comments about results later. Thanks for your advices and experiences.