What camera is compatible 1080p2500

I have a Decklink Mini Recorder and CasparCG 2.0.7 as 2.2 does not work and produces weird audio 44k/48k issues) So I cannot use the newer version as much as I would like it, it just doesn’t work…

I connected several Sony camera’s like FDR-X3000, AX33, AS20… none worked because it could not get the right framerate in… (0 FPS) I also have an HDMI to H264 hardware encoder with RTSP but also that does not work… (it seems it’s using a variable bit/ framerate or something and that won’t work with Caspar)

For my Youtube channel with LEGO trains, I have a fully working Livestream TV channel setup running on 2.0.7 that plays flawlessly, only I cannot use a videoinput which is essential for the next step.

PC specs: HPZ620 with Nvidia Quadro 2000

Does anyone know what camera to use (reasonable priced, read: cheap!) for 1080p2500 ?

What command / settings did you used to play the input?

Play 1-1 decklink 1 (nothing on layers above)


set 1 mode 1080P2500

            <key-device>device + 1 [1..]</key-device>
            <embedded-audio>false [true|false]</embedded-audio>
            <channel-layout>stereo [mono|stereo|dts|dolbye|dolbydigital|smpte|passthru]</channel-layout>
            <latency>normal [normal|low|default]</latency>
            <keyer>external [external|external_separate_device|internal|default]</keyer>
            <key-only>false [true|false]</key-only>
            <buffer-depth>3 [1..]</buffer-depth>
            <custom-allocator>true [true|false]</custom-allocator>

edit: I wanted to make a screenshot and now it does not give me the error but just gives a black screen…

With the cable from decklink to camera disconnected it just does the same as in the screenshot…

Ok I played a bit around with it and my girlfriend whose more into IT rather than video suggested to try interlaced. I told her she was nuts. :wink: Still I tried and guess what… it works! Wonderful!

The cam on 1080p2500 and caspar on 1080p2500 would not work. Cam on 1080i5000 and caspar on 1080i5000 works! Now I have to see if it really works like this and that the interlacing is not bringing in extra problems… It seems the problem is not with Caspar but with the camera(settings) or decklink card.

Conclusion: Sony camera’s work but not on 1080p25.

So, indeed the interlacing brought in the expected problems like… interlacing… lol…

The problem lies with the Blackmagic.(Decklink Mini recorder PCI) I guess. The desktop video setup app does not show a detected source when the camera is set to 1080p thus Caspar is not able to use the input.

It turns out that some older cameras show interlacing (stripes) on 1080i50 but newer models don’t show this. Caspar needs to be set on 1080i5000 and the cameras output on 1080i.

This works for Sony AX-33 and FDR-X3000

This does not work for AS-20 and FDR-X1000

The documentation says the MIXER can be used also for de-interlacing but I could not find anything on that subject in any further documentation.

It’s a workaround as I would’ve loved to use cheaper cameras as well so I can have more angles. If anyone has any additional info on cameras that will work or what the problem is with the blackmagic card or cameras, please post it here :slight_smile: