What BMD sdi card for Fill and Key


I just received the computer to replace an old Intel core i7 for our broadcast playout CG.
We bought an HP Z640 with Xeon W 2223 / 3.6 GHz (3.9 GHz), 16Gb RAM
I have a NVIDIA 1080ti as a graphic card.

In our old i7, I have HD extreme 3 for fill and key. It worked fine, but it’s old.
I’m looking for a new one.
I had a look at the 4K extreme 12G or the 8K pro in the decklink lineup.
The 8K will be fine. But will it work properly for fill and key ?

We used extreme HD3 because of the synchronized output.
In past time, I remember, it was an ugly solution to use a decklink duo, because the 2 sdi output were not in sync, and booth the signals were not “aligned”.

Is it still the same now ? Does anyone has good experience with the 8K pro ?

Thank you so much

The Declik Duo 2 works perfectly for fill and key. Do you broadcast in 4K? if not there is no reason to buy an expensive card.

Hello didi, thanks for reply.

As far as I know, people said, the outputs on a SDI duo are not in sync. But maybe they’re wrong.
I don’t need to broadcast in 4K, only 1080i50.
I have a duo here, I will check it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

That was right for the Duo. The new Duo 2 can output 2x fill & key without an issue. I own 3 of them and they work perfectly.

I trust you :slight_smile:
I will try when possible.

Thank you so much !

I own the 8K pro, I use it as dual channel f+k 1080@50i and works perfectly.
It costs a bit more than the Duo 2 but it lacks in versatility, since you cannot mix f+k and input/output.
Either 2ch f+k or 4ch input/output.
On the plus side at 1080 works fine with just 4 pice lanes

That’s the same with the Duo 2. And you can use the 2 spare SDI‘s as 1 input (for OCR etc.) and a preview output etc.

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