Webgl(or three.js) - background color to alpha?

Hi, I am not actually a CasparCG user but using vMix S/W to export CG SDI based HTML template.

The point is, is it possible not to render background by giving an alpha value in the canvas of three.js? just as it becomes transparent if the background color is given alpha or undefined in general html style.

Like TwitchAlerts, I am working on a html-based CG project, and I am researching how to synthesize a 3d model shape with a broadcast screen.

What I want to do is, for example, make the 3d model shark shown on the BBC web page come out of the canvas rather than in the canvas so that it can be synthesized well with the actual broadcast screen.

Please forgive the lack of language skills. Thanks

Thanks. but It didn’t work. maybe my coding skill could be wrong.
But I got hint from you. GSAP + three.js

This is perfectly working.

Thing that I knew wrong was I didnt add css file that undefined background color.
added CSS file in html and put parameter value of alpha in three.js renderer function.
It is solved. thanx

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