Warning cannot on call empty frame producer

That is why this error, I try to reproduce templates made in PSD.

Can you give a little bit of information? Like the log or at least the version of you CasparCG server? PSD producer are only working in 2.1

Thanks for answering. @didikunz And now I am using the server 2.2.0

That will never work, as I already said: PSD producer is only in version 2.1

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Rays, then should I do my lower thirds in animate with the flash generator? the problem is that I do not understand very well the ANIMATE CC.
Will there be another way to do?

Downgrade to 2.1 or use HTML.

some tutorial where I can make templates of lower thirds with HTML

also Iā€™m looking for a tutorial for beginners on the interaction caspar and html / js someone has some links?