Vizrt/Viz Artist templates in CasparCG

Hi there everyone I hope you’re all well

I have been looking into creating a few templates over the last few weeks and have been using @imare’s which is amazing, but lacking in a few aspects (Still an amazing tool that I use very often)
I’ve recently found that Viz Artist can be acquired for free and was hoping that someone might have used it before or have tried implementing templates generated in it (Viz Artist) for playout in CasparCG with variables.

TL;DR - I’m looking to create a professional looking sports graphics package for CasparCG inside of Viz Artist
Thanks in advance

I have no idea, if that works. I don’t think, that it generates HTML templates. But if it does, you can try to build a simple template in loopic (or the like) and Viz Artist and compare the generated JavaScript code to find incompatibilities.

Ruan, scenes prepared in Viz Artist cannot be exported to html/css/js. It is impossible to export scenes to other formats from Viz Artist at all.

Thank you i appreciate the feedback