VITC output

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Is it possible to get VITC output on Decklink SDI 4K? Anything to specify in the config file to sort it out?
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AFAIK not. What would you use it for? Time code is not too common in the days of file based workflow any more.

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Many thanks for your reply. Actually we are doing a test where we will feed the output to a subtitle system, and that system will trigger the subtitle based on the VITC information it receive from signal.

What do you mean by AFAIK?

AFAIK = As Far As I Know. It’s a common internet term like LOL (Laughing Out Loud) etc.

What you could try is to use an audio track to add an LTC to the file, if the subtitle system can use that. I think there are also ways to add subtitles using editing systems like Premiere or AVID. What format do the subtitles have, before you import them into the subtitling system?

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There is no implementation for reading timecode from files - so even with VITC that wouldn’t work.

I’ve done subtitling in CCG with templates and separate software that reads in the subtitles and monitors the file time from OSC and updates the template.

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