Virtual Graphics solutions


Has anyone done any work with CasparCG and hardware or software based virtual graphics tracking? I’ve been looking at ChyronHego Virtual Placement. I believe you can feed a key and fill into it but waiting for confirmation on that.

I’m looking to be able to place graphics and allow the camera to move while keeping the graphics in place, simple example below.


Doesn’t look like ChyronHego solution is going to work for me the image tracking isn’t accurate enough for my use case.

I know of other solutions by Vizrt and RT Software that use an encoded head, is anyone aware of any other companies who do work with Virtual Graphics? I don’t really want to use a external solution otherwise I have to design graphics in two different systems, has it been looked at adding support for virtual graphics via an encoded head to CasparCG?


You can also look at WASP 3D they also have (or had) a way to interact with CasparCG.


Thanks I’ve dropped them an email.