Video with music

Hi! I have a video with music but the music wont play. Cant see why. Any idees what the problem can be?

Can be anything. Can you clarify a bit, what you tried, what you configuration is etc. Sorry, btu we can not read your mind.

I have made a video with sound in after effects in H.264. Works great when you run it in VLC but when I start it in casparcg it is completely silent only. It is an MP4 file.

Have recently started using caspar. Have been looking for how to proceed on youtube and more but can not find an answer to the problem.

What about the output? Do you have an SDI card? You need to tell it to output somehow. There is that casparcg.config…

I drive via an aux cable into a speaker. As I wrote, the sound works when I run the video through VLC. Is there anything I need to change in the script for it to understand?

You need to post either a log or your config file for us to be able to help you.

Skärmbild 2021-11-05 060417

This is the most funny way to post a config file. :joy:

Ok, what I can see from all your images is, that the Decklink part is simply copied from the area, where all options are explained. This will not work. Using the search function (the magnify glass icon top right) you find plenty of threads on how to configure your Decklink card.

The next hurdle will be to actually hear the embedded audio from the SDI. Do you have a way to do that or what iit, that you want to do? How is your setup around Caspar?

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I looked at it again on a PC screen and wearing my glasses :slight_smile: It seems, that the config part is ok. The only thing, that hinders you to hear audio from that screen window is the line <system-audio /> that is commented out.

And for next time: There is actually a proper way to post a config: Copy and paste it into the edit frame, mark it and click the </> icon.

okay thanks but how should the script be for it to work? as I said, is very new so the best is probably to explain that I was 5 years old …

There is that line:
<!-- <system-audio /> -->

it should read:
<system-audio />

Everything between <!-- and --> is a comment. A comment is something that you write to make an explantation or the like. Programmers sometimes ‚Äúcomment out‚ÄĚ code, to make a test or to just switch of something, that they probably later use again by ‚Äúuncommenting‚ÄĚ it (removing the comment marks).

By the way: From your funny image gallery only the first one is of any use, as the second starts with a comment mark, that goes down to the last one.

Basic enough? - If you were 5 years old you would not be able to read it :slight_smile:

perfectly explained for a 5 year old! :joy: I am very hopeful that it will work, unfortunately I do not have access to test in a few days, so I will come back with a message!

Thanks for the help so long! :blush:

One need to hear it to tell what is wrong.