Video wall client

I am tasting a video wall client for CasparCG server. I hope it will be a convenient tool for playing media content on video walls. And now I have some screenshots to anounce it.


What is the name of the client?

I do not have any ideas about it.

Hello, you can advise me on ready TV playout solution and playlist planning.

This looks well done. Are you going to release it as paid software or open source it?

something new about this?

In the mean time I also have writen a software for such stuff. We use it inside a news studio to play graphic and video content on multiple on set screens. It is controled from the automation system. I developed it for one client but could sell it to others.

Any screenshots of yours?

I am currently in camping and have no access to my desktop computer. So currently no screenshots of the GUI. But a panorama of the studio running of it. image


A case study has been made of this project by the monitor provider company (Philips) you find it here.

The GUI during playout:

and during the editing of a preset:

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