Video playback progress bar

Hi folks,
i recently discovered a bug with the video playback progress bar. Or i at least think it is a bug.
The progress bar does not show up on DNxHD files. On MP4 H.264 files it shows up, but not on all of them. All of the H.264 files i tested were created the same way with the same settings.

Does anyone have a clue where this is coming from.

Thanks in advance


Can you please give the community a bit more information about your CasparCG installation, as this may give some helpful clues. Please tell us which version or versions of the server you are using, the operating system(s) it runs on, the version of the SVT standard client you use and it’s host operating system.

Has your system operation recently changed from fully functioning displays to the currently reported issue? If so, are you aware of any reconfiguration that has happened?

The video progress bar is “driven” by data returned by the OSC system, so some OSC data is received by your client for the MP4 files that are working. I have just tested a DNxHD encoded file played in server 2.3.3_LTS controlled by SVT client 2.2, and this correctly shows the media duration and the playout progress bar. Similarly server 2.1.12 NRK and SVT client 2.0.9 show the progress bar. All these tests were done on a Windows 10 host OS. If you are using multiple servers to a single client the progress meters will only work on a matching client and server pair because the OSC data is formatted differently by the pre-version 2.2 and the 2.2 or later servers.

If you have multiple servers in use, is OSC output enabled on both, and using the same port number used by your client (commonly 6250)?

The client can also become slightly confused if you use version 2.0 or 2.1 then switch to version 2.2 or later, then go back to a version 2.0 or 2.1.

also it could be usefull with the information about the DNxHD-files.
Encoding application, mediainfo etc.
If you could make a short “Non-working” file available (downloadable) it would help.