Video Input injected into HTML template



Hey Everyone!

I am curious if there is a way (either through the default client or the NPM package CasparConnection) to inject a live video input (Via a Decklink 4k Extreme) into an HTML template. The idea would then be to apply SVG filters to the video to make some interesting wipes, bumps, ect.

Thank you in advance for helping me out and please let me know if you need any more info.


Might be possible to do something wtih webrtc and MSE perhaps. But before you go down that rabbit hole, what are you looking for? Something that you can’t do with MIXER commands, overlaying/blending videos etc?


As Hrein already wrote: You can do a lot with MIXER commands, and, at least in Flash, you can connect to Caspar from the template and issue these commands from there. I do that regularly for weird things :slight_smile:


I am not familiar with the MIXER at all so I am unsure.

Here is the best case scenario for what I am trying to achieve with the live video transitions. Link

If it is possible with HTML, SVG Filters, and JS in the version of Chrome Caspar runs those should could possible, right?

Sorry for the delayed response and thank you again for your help!


Info on MIXER commands is here:

Most of what I see in the video would usually just be done by playing the transition (with an alpha) over the current video and cutting to the next one while the transition hides it. And that’s how everybody does it live.

You can check out the NRK fork of CCG ( - it has a stinger transition option, though I think it isn’t documented.


Thank you for the MIXER Command link. After reading a few of the options, it looks like it will work perfectly!

Thank you Hrein!


Just to update this. The stinger transition is available in nightly 2.2 builds also. Here’s documentation for it: