Video framerates

Hi All,

I’m using casparCg with default 25fps as I’m in a Pal country. I need to use some 30fps video but I’m experiencing some video delay. Can someone please help me to fix that ?
My configuration : window 10 64 bits, casparcg 2.0.7,

Thank you.

So to the best of my knowledge you have 2 options here.

  1. Transcode your footage in somthing like adobe media encoder.
  2. Roll back to the previous version of CasperCG where the transcoding worked correctly.

Hello Jyeomans,

Thank you for your reply. I’m using Redcast client and I tried to change the server then application doe not work.
If I change my frame rate to 30fps, will it fix the problem or video with 25 fps will have a sound sync issue?

I will appreciate what will be your proposal
Sorry for my English…

(original rant below)
Ok fixed it. 2.1 beta 2 works well to transcode. I was playing to screen at 1080i59 and playing both 24p and i59 clips just fine. But then i found my flash templates stopped working so i now need to research that.

(original rant)
and just out of curiosity which was the last version with properly working transcoding? just tried 2.1 beta 2 and transcoding worked great. only to then find out that screen device isnt working anymore. grrr. On 2.0.7 i just set the device number to 2 to put the video in my 2nd monitor but in 2.1 it doesnt work and i cant find it in the documentation.

According to this recorded streaming from the RedCast author, the 25fps/30fps option is for matching the frame counters at the top of the application and isn’t related with playback framerate options.

And actually, as @Da_Elf says in his post, CasparCG Server 2.1 Beta 2 introduces the frame consumer, which wraps different framerate videos so they can be played in whatever framerate you have configured your CasparCG Server. I have used it and so far so good.

Thank you All for your inputs. I will test and let you know the result.