Video End Action

I use some ProRes 4444 mov clips for lower third name tags with a Ross Carbonite switcher. I have a dashboard panel that queries the media folder and lets the switcher operator choose a name and it fires when the keyer associated with Caspar goes on-air.

I wanted to see if there was a way to kick the keyer off-air once the video file has finished playing. It animates out so it’s not immediately obvious that the keyer is still hot. I know I can do this via a Rosstalk command, I just need to be able to know when the clip is done. Some methods I was thinking of were:

  1. If a command is sent at the end of playback by Caspar I could watch for on the Dashboard machine
  2. If there is a way for a GPO to hold high while a clip is playing and to go low when it isn’t playing
  3. Some other better/easier way?

To point 3: I would build me a dynamic HTML template that send a command via websocket to enable/disable the keyer, if that is important.

When I do productions the keyer is always open and I just do not play stuff, that should not be there.

I theory you could also use OSC to detect the clips end, but I would not want to render each lowrr third individualy every time as a video, the template workflow is so much easier.