Video countdown counts wrong with in and out points

When I set in or/and out points for a clip via the seek and length option the countdown always starts counting with the total file length and than just stops when the clip stops playing. The green bar rising behind the countdown is correct (starts at 0% finishes at 100%) but the countdown is not.

e.g.: A file that’s 2:00 min long is trimmed to start at 0:30 (Seek 1500) and end at 1:40 (Length 3500). The countdown runs from 2:00 to 0:50 and than stops. Shouldn’t the countdown adapt the in and out points and run from 1:10 to 0:00.

Has anybody mentioned this behavior as well ? Happening on 2.0.7 as well as 2.2.0.

Can you post this as a bug in Caspars GitHub page?

Done. Thanks Didi. I just wanted to check first if the issue might be on my side.