Video Countdown Clock in Client vanished?

Am I going mad or not?

I’m sure I used to have a countdown clock on my client when playing video. But in both the new server/client stable release and the older version, it’s not there anymore.

Is anyone else having this issue?


I’ve just found a YouTube video with a countdown clock on Video (looks like an older version of client i.e. not the new one). Any ideas why this may have vanished in all versions of CasparCG on my system?

It does not work in server 2.2 as the format of the OSC messages have changed.

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Thanks @didikunz

It’s gone from the older stable release too - I’m so confused by that.

Any ideas?

I tested with client 2.0.8: It works with server 2.0.7 and 2.1 NRK and fails with 2.2. That is all I can say. I have nothing else installed.

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Ok - let me test using version you suggest - I might download fresh copies just in case something has happened while the new version was installed. I’ll feedback later today

Ok so downloaded client 2.0.8 and server 2.0.7 and nothing.

No clock.

How frustrating.

Could it be because I have other versions installed too?

Sometimes there are files making trouble.
Please verify that the videos shipped with ccg does not give you a proper feedback.

Sometimes, firewalls could block the OSC messages needed for the timers. You may want to check this, too.

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