Video clip - time remaining VERY URGENT

When I play videos in client Caspar, some of them show time remaining to end of clip and some don’t. What shall I do if I want each clip show remaining time to end of it? Does it have sth to do with files settings or Caspar server configuration?
Another problem I have is that sometimes Caspar stops video before it ends, i.e. 3-minutes video is stopped 10 seconds before the end of clip.
If anyone could give some quick advice, i’d be very grateful.

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from where are you getting remaining value ?
well i think this is just remaining time that still showing 10 seconds left and may be it’s happen because of your media file framerate is different from channel framerate.

Hi - I have that problem as well during our programmes that some of the clips don’t have a time remaining on the client.

It could be that the media files are encoded with a start timecode greater than 0 frames. Also found that some clips with strange framerates show the wrong time values in caspar.
I suggest reencoding the files with forced starting timecode at a fixed known fps.