*.via file

Hello everybody, I need to open a file with *.via extensión and work with it.

It´s a graphics for a football competition. I have a Caspar server, It´s possible to use with caspar or I need other software?


.via is either an Inscriber animation or something from a VizRT system. It is not possible to play that in Caspar. I don‘t know, if there is any utility, that you can use to convert it into something usefull.

예 VizRT 압축 형태 포멧입니다.
마침 VizRT 무료 데모 버전이 있어서 열어 볼수는 있을 것입니다.

VizRT Demo version으로 via 파일을 열고 동영상이나 이미지를 export 하십시오.
flv로 변환 한다면 그래픽을 새로 만들지 않고 CasparCG용으로 사용 할수도 있습니다.

It is Inscriber format, in essence compressed TGA series. You will have to recreate the animation.

Thank you so much everyone. It has been very helpful, I will inform you if I can open it.


You need to download and Install Viz Artist using the link @genosyde sent you.
Once you are inside Artist on the top right you must select the path of the archive and in import it and click save.
On the right top side you should be able to see all the different scenes and components related to those scenes.
You can play the scene clicking on the play button (bottom right window).
You can export a scene in TGA as @itod said using if I remember well with right clicking on the top layer of the scene or with the export button.

Then you can import the TGA series in animate or whatever you use for Caspar :slight_smile:
Hope it helps!



Ok, I’ll try this in the next hours. Thanks.

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