Using CasparCG CLient with CasparCG version 2.2.0-beta7

i’m new in CasparCG and woould like to test the HTML templates. First I used the stable version of the server and i controlled it via the CasparCG client.
Now i installed the newest beta of the server, because it is recommended for HTML templates. But now the Client can’t read out the Library. It works when it has a old library in it, and the same files are in the new server. But it doesn’t refresh. And when I delete the old Server connection in the Client and make a new no files are loaded from the library.

I’m sure i have done something wrong or I have to change some config files. But I looked everything and found nothing. Can someone help me?

Thanks Ferdinand

You start scanner.exe before casparcg.exe?

No, i didn’t. Now I tried that, but didn’t solved the problem.

If you enter “cls” into CasparCG do you get a list of media files?

Ah I got it. Thank you!
First I have to start scanner.exe, let it open, then start the server. Right?
The scanner.exe is new in the beta, isn’t it? Can you explain why? And does it need to run always?

The idea of scanner.exe was to free the server from the burden of scanning all folders. It should always run.


Start CasparCG with this file.

I usually start CCG with the Server Frontend. If I start it with caspar_auto_restart.bat I don’t have to start the scanner.exe?

Thats true!