Using CasparCG as a Audio Cart Player

I’m using CasparCG 2.3.3 with a Bluefish card. So far we’ve been using the servers for graphical overlays or video media players. This morning I was asked if it’s possible to create a config file that would map different CasparCG layers to different pairs within the SDI output?

The ask is to play out more than one audio file at the same time and leverage the power of multiple AES pairs within the SDI stream. The downstream router could then breakout the audio and assign them to the correct service.

Yes. I do this. The way audio is mapped has changed a lot over the last few releases and is now done using only ffmpeg filters.

You will need to specify the audio channels and the layer as part of the play command:

PLAY 1-32 "clip4" af pan=octagonal|c2=c0|c3=c1

This will play clip4.wav from your media folder and map left or c0 to channel 2 and right or c1 to channel 4.

Pan is set to octagonal as CasparCG 2.3 only supports 8 audio channels.