URGENT! Not getting remaining time in external client

Hi guys!

Two servers running 2.1.0 Beta 2
Laptop is Running Client 2.0.8

Servers are configured one as main and the second as Shadow/Backup.
In general it works, but I don‘t get the remaining clip time in the Laptop Client.
If I run the client locally on the Servers it works perfectly with the times… but not over the network :confused:
TCP Server Ports are configured differently.

Any advice?



if I remember it correctly the CasparCG Client uses OSC which is UDP based for the remaining time. In the server config there is a section about OSC which you can check and maybe your Windows Firewall is blocking the UDP traffic.

I am not sure about your main/backup setup and how the client will react then. Never tried it…


Sadly it doesn’t work even when using one server or when adding the OSC Part to the server.
All firewalls are completely off.

Do you see something rolling in with this tool on your client PC

on port 6250
take a look at

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That´s it! Deleting the .CasparCG Folder solved the problem!
Thank you very much Maurice :slight_smile:

Short question: I don´t get ANY times in the Client 2.2.0 RC1 - is this normal?

Do you run scanner.exe?

Uhm, nope?

In Server 2.1.0 B2 isn´t an scanner.exe… So I assume that Client 2.2.0 RC1 isn´t working with an “old” Server?

AFAIK there should be one. I still do most of my stuff with 2.0.7 :slight_smile:

Correct, scanner isnt needed for anything 2.1.
But all the OSC paths changed in 2.2, so the 2.2 client will only work properly with 2.2+

Not fix for client and server