Updating a scoreboard on air?

I have a scoreboard, that I want to update when it is on air.
Just want to press update.
But is it possible to play a wipe kind of thing, so the scoreboard updates the values behind the wipe?

Best regards Tue.

That is sure possible, but involves a little programming in either ActionScript or JavaScript.

I normally work with actionsscript (like joy learned me long time ago) and program all movements with tweener, so if it is possible in my script, would be nice.

I just looked if I could do like:

override public function Play():void


but can’t find out if it possible to override the update function the same way?

I usually check if the movie is showing the data (by a boolean or a frame label) and postpone the setData function using a timeout:

override public function SetData(xmlData:XML):void 
	if(currentFrameLabel=="StandBy" || currentFrameLabel=="Updated")

The coresponding wiki article is here I usually do this by doing the hiding of the objects in the first lines of SetData, looping trought the nodes in the XML and setting the values of the TextFields and then show the stuff again.

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