Updates server/client?

I have been fallowing casparCG on and off for some times and i have decided to explore my options in using it full time, i’m a motion graphic artist and 3D designer, and i have basic knowledge in using CasparCG. last release on the official site dated to 2014-12-11… is there any updates sense then? or simply no future plans for implementations?

Future releases are planned and in progress, but progress has been slow due to the lack of a fulltime maintainer. There have been a couple of beta releases done in the past year, but not a full release yet. I believe the hope is to get one out in the next couple of months

If you are wanting to start using caspar more, the newer beta builds would be of great benefit as they have much newer version of ffmpeg and chromium and so are a lot easier to work with and build for

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You can find those latest builds here.


I have been using the 2.1 branch, you should read the changelog to see what the status of various features are. The final 2.1 build seems to work fine for me, but it is still technically beta.

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I’m going to use this to plug Releases · nrkno/sofie-casparcg-server · GitHub
It’s 2.1 but with updated ffmpeg and chromium. I mean, it’s still not a full release, but it doesn’t carry the breaking changes 2.2 introduces and 2.1 is more battle tested than 2.2, right now.


One word on the nrkno-fork: It is an intermediate step for the timeline of 2018 only until 2.2 can be finalised. We will contribute by merging all relevant tings in nrkno upstream to 2.2 and focus all development efforts on 2.2. It’s just a matter of timing and priorities that have spawned out the need for this 2.1 variant right now.

But as @mint says, it is a pretty good version (currently the best?) in my opinion.


There’s a new release available on https://github.com/nrkno/tv-automation-casparcg-server/releases since a few days!