Up to date tutorials and info on learning CasparCG

I want to start working with Caspar CG and I am looking for some good tutorials, templates or courses. Unfortunately, all I can find is over 10 years old and even the Wiki on this site is referring a lot to Adobe Flash for templates and so on. Since Adobe Flash is no more since December 31, 2020, it seems that all these tutorials and wikis are quite outdated. Is there any current information on how to set up, programm and run Caspar CG that can get me properly started?

There is a good introduction to CasparCG at: GitHub - amwtech/CasparCG_Documentation: A guide to using the CasparCG graphics system.

And it also includes 2 html template examples.

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There are several recent videos about CasparCG on Youtube created by Geert Verhoeff. Use your favourite seach engine seeking casparcg Geert Verhoeff, and selecting the videos page. These cover use of Stream Deck as a controller for CasparCG as well as basic set up and operations.

There are videos that describe the loopic HTML5 teplate generator system. If you have access to an Apple Mac and have some funds to purchase a program search for "Olle Soprani" Easy way to create HTML Templates for CasparCG which explains how to use a commercial program (Tumult Hype) to create templates for CasparCg.