Unbuntu and libpthread.so.0 error

Hi all,

I am running casparcg 2.3.0 on unbuntu 20.04.6lts (for over three years now) it has now begun to error with: symbol lookup error: /lib/libpthread.so.0: undefined symbol: __libc_vfork, version GLIBC_PRIVATE - can anyone shed any light on the problem? any help appreciated :slight_smile: thank you.

Does it error on startup or when are you getting this error? Ubuntu server or GUI? Are you also re-building the server on linux frequently?

Did it happen after you performed an update?
What is GLIBC_PRIVATE set to? If you do echo &GLIBC_PRIVATE

Maybe try reinstalling libc? I found those to be problematic on my ubuntu server 22.04 installation.
Either way this more a linux question than Caspar related.


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