Type Fx in flash template

Hello, I need to create a TypeFX in flash template. Any idea?
Similar fx: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13016742/flash-as3-typewriter-with-some-extra-effects

And what is the question? You have already posted the link to the solution, are you? And by the way: The typewriter effect can be simulated with a horizontal wipe.

When I apply the code of the link, the effect is seen for 10 frames and then the text of the variable f0 disappears and the text written in the flash template appears. If the TextField field in flash left empty, nothing appears. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

That sounds like the effect breaks the animation apart. If the textfields timeline needs to be one element. As soon as you see vertical lines (breaks) Flash creates a new object with the same name, but without the content.