Two (dumb) questions plus Blackmagic


I think, the following two questions are maybe dumb, but I didn’t find an answer. I’m running on 2.3-LTS at the moment.

  1. The last weeks I’ve been heavy running graphics and VTs out of CCG. To CLEAR a channel after a lower-third, after a graphic, I’ve builded groups in the client, so “graphics-in, waiting, graphics-out, clear channel”. Is there a way, to automatically clear a channel, when a graphics is taken out? So, without grouping the items and commanda?

  2. Now, that I’ve seen the Super-Out-Overlay for VTs: I’m not able to bring in the next video in preview in Mulitview of the vision-mixer (the first frame), what’s important for director and producer. What am I doing wrong? Also the checkbox “preview next item on auto step” does not help.

  3. Will there be an option, if TD hits „VT1“ button, that ATEM can trgger CCG? Like in other playback-software (like Playdeck, Mitti)?

Thanks for any hints or inputs, and Cheers, Thomas

If a template is well built you don’t need to clear the channel everytime after you show it. Stopping the template should leave the layer fully transparent. So the question here is why do you need to clear the channel.

I do not fully understand that question. As far as I understand you are talking about a preview with a burned in time-code, right? If that runns on another channel you would need to feed that channel to the ATEM also to make it available for the multiviewer.

Problem here is, that the ATEM’s (until very recently) do not support macros or such stuff. You can use Companion or JustMacros to do that. There are also some GPI solutions around, see this thread.


Hey Didi,

Merci viu mau for your feedback, and inputs.

OK, the thing with the lower-thirds could be, what you said. Because they’ve not been done by me, but were delivered by the client. One time as MOVs, and one time as PNGs. So, then it’s clear now for me, that there’s no CLEAR automatically after the taking-out.

The second, with the ATEM: e.g. in Playdeck, or Mitti, these programs can receive the trigger over TCP/IP direct from the ATEM. The thing with the GPIO could be a solution, I already thought of some months ago, but will need some more new hardware from me :wink: And so my question was, if there’s something planned with the next clients, that they can also receive the trigger on TCP/IP.

Regards, Thomas

That must be done through emulating a hyperdeck, as this is not officially supported by Blackmagic. This project may be of help

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Hi Balte,

Wohooooo, thanks for this input! I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Moin Thomas,

to your second question: You can load the first frame of the video if you press the “load” (F3) button when you´ve checked the “Use freeze frame on load for video items” in the Client settings. With that the director will see first frame of the VT.

Cheers, Andreas

Hey Andreas,

Thanks. This is the way, I know, and am doing it the last years.
I was thinking of having the next video framed right after the end of the previous one.
But as I‘m sitting now in the bus and train to go to the OB storage again, I think, I have a solution, if this is not possible at the moment with the client :wink::blush:

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