Two Decklink Inputs with Decklink 4k Extreme

Currently i output the screen consumer in decklink and i have an sdi input via decklink device 1
Now i have added another sdi input and when i create a decklink input 2 nothing shows up
Do i need to change something in config file ?

The Decklink 4K Extreme has only one channel. So you will not be able to input a second channel.

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what type of card should i use for one output and two inputs?

I would buy a Decklink Duo 2. It gives you 2 inputs and 2 outputs. Or if you need 4K the Decklink 8K. It‘s the same for 4K.

i fixed it , now the only problem is that the input is little in asynchron, it has latency when outputed to screen consumer