Trying out nightly builds

I’m still testing some 2.3 builds with some of my clients and so far the performance and feature set is very nice, but I stumbled upon some issues and can’t figure it out if it’s the expected behavior or should I report them as issues on GitHub.

The main problem I found is that a Playout client is sending the LENGTH parameter for all clips and some 25fps files are stopped halfway. Apparently it counts the clip’s frame count after the framerate conversion and not the actual clip total frames. Is this the correct behavior?

Another small but useful feature I was using in 2.1 was the thumbnail matrix for movies and that seems to be removed in all newer builds. Is there any plans to bring it back or should I forget it ever existed and move on?

from server 2.2 length is counting with fields so that’s why interlaced video is stopping at halfway

The main purpose for Server 2.2 is clean and stable build and all the features which is removed from this version will be back again in future builds

So if I play a 25p file in a 50i channel I should treat it as interlaced too and count the fields it actually outputs to?

Yes, now it is working like this.