Triggering casparcg via GPI of the switcher


Anyone tried triggering casparcg via GPI port of your switcher assigned to the auto transition button of the switcher? What do I need if this is possible? Thnaks!


Take a look at this post:

It’s fairly easy if you are using custom clients and ATEM switchers. There’s an SDK which lets you grab the M/E status and pass commands to Caspar.
I implemented that in a playout client that triggers a clip on cue when the input is selected or a transition is started to that input.


thanks… How about using other switcher using GPI port.


The CasparCG Client supports doing some stuff with an arduino for GPI.

The thread linked above gives some more info on using that, or some other GPI options


So there are a few ways to do this.
all of them that i know of talk to a client than to a server.
This may be the official Client or others but it is three steps.

This Tread talks about setting up an arduino to build a GPI for the official client.
it works i have used it. it took me a min to get the hang of it, but it was easy to set up, cheep, and just worked.

most recently i have been using Ross Dashboard (its free) it uses OG script and ross talk
and you can use it to send commands directly to the server.
i use it with a Ross Switcher but you could get it to talk to others as well.
and you would need to know some of the AMPC commands (for CasparCG Link) to do what ever yo need to get the server to do.

but once again the switcher talks to a Client client talks to the server.

And Dashboard is great for making customs control panels as well. and if you have a good tablet or touch screen its like geek heaven.
Ross Dashboard