Transitions while Looping

i try to build a small playout client. I use the ACMP Loop option in PLAY. now i want to have in/out transitions between the repeats. do you think it is possible and what would you suggest? None Looping play with transitions work fine.
thanks for help

From the bare bone AMCP protocol this is not possible. But you could play the clips without the loop option and LOADBG the same clip over and over again, adding the transition to it. Use OSC to check, when the running clip is near the end and then load the next.

It might work with:
LOADBG 1-10 CG1080I50

and when you want to exit the loop:
CALL 1-10 LOOP 0

it didnt work with me.
right now i go the way of having the clips produced with fades.
yeah, i thought it might be the way. the way you suggest i imagined already but was not willing to put effort in it right now. i just started to get used to acmp, now, yes i will dive into osc.
thanks again