transitionIn template html

It is possible to animate the entry of a template as if it were a video. With wipe, mix…
The video can be launched with a PLAY 1-10 “AMB” MIX 0 Linear
Can it be done with an html?

If you run the html page via the play command PLAY 1-10 [HTML] ..... MIX .... then it will work, but you won’t get any of the CG template functionality.
I don’t think the transitions will work via the CG commands

You could load your templates on a second channel and route it with a mix

Thank you,

I wanted to create a meteo system. With several screens. I imagine that implementing next () functions would be more appropriate.

Do you know any example with implementation of next in gogle web designer?
And above all, is it possible to integrate more than one next?

In Gogle Web Designer you can have pages. It should be possible to switch to the next page using NEXT and that can be done musltiple time.

I started to play around with GWD yesterday, so I am not the one to ask for details… :slight_smile:

The question is … how to do it.
Do you create an event on the Web designer itself?
You have created some basic example to be able to see it …; D

It’s a great idea.

No, I also started a tread to ask a question about GWD… But when more people digg into it, then we will find solutions.

Weather system? Here you can see one I built 4-5 years ago in use

It’s all HTML. Just background images and icons. The animated icons are WEBP. The maps are built using XML data when they are run. The transitions are done by calling CG INVOKE function (as the maps aren’t usually run in order, any given day they might skip the Europe or America maps because of time etc). The transitions are simply done by adding or removing CSS classes in the functions called with INVOKE.