Transform on a 2160p6000

so i have added a channel to my server with a 4k extreme blackmagic card.

i need to use a transform to move some content and when i add the transform on the 4k channel i lose all control. when i move it back to a 1080 channel it works fine.
i know i have done this before but not with a deck link card just a screen consumer.

is this a thing. if it is i have to find a way to make it work.

I think this is a case of the client not being aware of these video formats, so it doesn’t know how to show the sliders.

You could open the client’s db file with some sqlite editor and manually add the format, or send custom commands.

Ideally, someone could make a pr to the client which adds these formats (even better would be a way to either add these formats within the client gui), but I appreciate that this task isnt for everyone.

this makes sence. it does work if i set the channel to 2160p3000 and restart the server
if i set it to 2160p6000 they are all grayed out.

I’ve the same issues with BMD 8K PRO @2160p5000

How are the SDI connectors configured? 50/60p allows only for two devices/outputs, not four (with Caspar at the moment).

I don’t remember the exact name of the option, but just something that is not “SDI 1 to 4 IN or OUT”.