Timer for playback missing

i´m pretty new to CasparCG but i was able to figure out most of my issues with the help of this great forum!

When i was watching CasparCG tutorials, i noted that in the client there was some kind of (green) progress bar when playing video files. But this one is missing in my client and i found no option to activate it.
I did found the option to get a serarate window with 3 timers, but it would be nice to have that little progress bar right in the rundown Window.

Here is a screenshot of the bar im missing:

Thanks in advance!

Loss of playback progress meters is often a complex combination of client version, server version, and history of their use. The information that drives the meter is extracted from OSC status data sent by the server. The format of the OSC data changed when server version 2.2 was released. To get the progress meters you need to match the client and server versions:

Server: V2.0.x, V2.1.x Client: 2.0.8 or 2.0.9
Server: V2.2.x and later Client: 2.2.x

The clients use a database to store the client configuration. If you initially use a client 2.0.8/2.0.9 then switch to client 2.2.x the database content updates and progress meters stop working. Client 2.0.9 sets the database version (seen on the client help screen) to 213. If client 2.2 has been used the database version changes to 216.

The quick way to restore meter operations is to ensure the client and server versions are matched, and to delete the client database before starting the client. On windows the client database is:

You then need to remake the client set-up of live panel, freeze on load, server addresses etc. If you do not have the server running when you re-make the database content you can save the database file as a “quick restore” for future resets. The client will pull the thumbnail images into the database once the server is started.

Thanks for the detailed answer! I will try that. :slightly_smiling_face: