Thank you didikunz!

Since I posted my first question on this board as a noob, I have always gotton at least a few reactions from board members, but always at least one advice from this one single enthousiast.

So… for all answered questions, advanced to the highest level, or as simple as someone trying CasperCG for the fist time:

Thank you didikunz for looking after this place like a caring parent!


Wow, thanks.


Same feeling here !


100% agree, thank you didikunz!


I’m going to say another Thank you @didikunz today.
We’ve updated our machines using the Flash End of Live Fix and I know that he was the driving force behind all the work that happened with a number of developers in both the Caspar community and Adobe. In a world where we’ve all been furloughed etc. for periods of time and arent as ready to move to HTML as we’d wanted to be this has helped prevent huge problems.

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Mr. Casparforum Didi Kunz!

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Thanks, but stop it now :grin:

The whole Flash EOL shit was mostly to safe my own business, because I oversleep the whole issue and only realized in October, that Flash will be killed by the end of the year. With about 2’500 Flash templates made for clients converting everything to HTML was not an option in the amount of time left. So it was mostly pure egoism.

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