Test-SetUp for validating fill/key-signal

Hi guys,

Im new to CasparCG and im investigating how to produce fill and key signal with CasparCG-Server software.
I already know how to set up my Test-Server hardware including a SDI-card.
The goal for this testcase is it, to validate an output (fill and key-signal) from my CasparCG-Server.

Now my question is:
Does someone know some good software or some ways to validate fill and key signals as input?

My first thoughts were to use a second pc with a second SDI-card and connect it to the CasparCG-server via SDI-cabels and running on it a software, which can detect such SDI-signals.

Maybe im totally wrong with it and you guys already know some idea, that could help me.

Thanks for helping my out!

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Are you wanting to test frame sync between layers, or just the presence of fill+key? Also, which decklink are you using?
I run my fill and key in to a switcher, but you could just as easily turn them back around to other deck link inputs or some SDI monitors or SDI to HDMI converters connected to a couple regular monitors. The key signal is just a regular SDI signal without color info and should display just fine anywhere you put it.

Hi, Thanks for your answer!

I just want to test the presence of fill+key. For detailed information:
We already have a big studio setup here and we want to remove one part of it and replace it with a CasparCG-Server. The replaced-part offers fill and key signal, so the CasparCG should do it too. Thats why, i want to check/validate the outcoming signal from the server.

I want to use the DeckLink Duo 2.

If i get you right, for my low-budget test I could just reconnect them into the same card? Which software can is then for displaying it?
I was checking OpenBroadcasterSoftware (OBS) for displaying it or is there maybe an alternative?

I will also have a look for your recommendation for a SDI monitor!

Thanks, Norman

The duo 2 should work fine for that. Configure the desktop video drivers for output 1 to go to connectors 1, and 2 and choose deck link channel 1 as your output with external key enabled. There are other threads on here (8k pro thread) that have working configuration file excerpts you can reference. I am using a quad 2 for this which is just two duo 2’s on the same pcb. If you can afford downtime you should be able to test fine in studio. Keep in mind that other BMD capture hardware can mess up the video device indexing.

Thanks for your Help!

Ok, my next steps than are to buy the card and configure it like you sad.
If i will have some questions about the configuration, i will post them here.

You helped me out alot!


Why not just hook up the Caspar to the BNC cables the old system has? You would then see what goes out and how it looks instead of doing funny tests, that require you to configure everything differently than you use it afterwards. By the way, what studio setup do you have? Vision Mixer etc.? And another by the way: The Decklink Duo DOES output fill & key if configured right and not defective. I can promise you that :slight_smile:

Hi Didi,

thanks for your response!

We have different locations in different cities. One location is where i want to test the possibilities of CasparCG and the other one is our studio. At our studio-location we have an old setup including a vision mixer.
I want to be sure CasparCG can everything, that the old system can do too. For example the output of two simultaneously signals (fill/key) to our vision mxier.
Thats why im testing the software so we can prepare a project, that has the goal to setup casparCG-Server software into our existing system.
Ok, i will take your promise :smiley:

I guess i will order today some hardware.
If i have some dificulties to setup my testcase, i will let you know that here :slight_smile:


I realized that, when I saw your e-mail address. We could also communicate in German, if you like, but only via PM or e-mail and not here in the public forum :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity: What is the existing system you gonna replace?

well, i searched for your mail, if you can see mine, you can contakt me and we can discuss it in german.