Template info?

If I want to find out how many fields and ther names (f0, f1 etc.), I presume that I have to use an ACMP command, but wich?
I don’t seem to get these informations.

It’s all in the Wiki here

I have tried to use the INFO TEMPLATE but is’nt that correct?

It is like this in server 2.1 beta2

What does it say? By the way: It only works with Flash templates :frowning:

It is flash templates…
Only gives me this:

Now I’ve tested with another template without problems.
But it looks to me it’s when I export the template from flash.
In one template, I get the instances with, but in the other I do’nt?

Automatically you only get a list of dynamic textfields, that are changed to CasparTextfields by the Template Generator. If you set stuff up by code, they will not be exported automatically, you need to define a XML constant to make them available see here

But where is the difference between these 2 template’s where one of them works?
2 different credit templates

It does not work in the “mappe2” folder right? These are TLF Text fields and AFAIK they will not be found be TemplateGenerator.

And by the way:

	if (element.@id == "f0")
		page1_mc.f0.text = element.data.@value;

	page1_mc.f0.text = page1_mc.f0.text.toUpperCase();

Could be refractored to:

	if (element.@id == "f0")
		page1_mc.f0.text = element.data.@value.toString().toUpperCase();

Yes @didikunz you are absolutely right.
But I need TLF Text fields in order to be able to embed the font that I need.

All I want, was in my own client, find out wich field there is in the template and only give the user opportunity to fill out these fields.

But affraid It won’t be possible on alle templates, so user have to fill in fields by them self and add to the sequenze list

Thank you for you help anyway @didikunz and @vimlesh1975.

It is see here:

But still it, won’t give me the fields, even though I have defined a XML constant.

Werid, that works for me. Can you post the constant here?

Here is link for the files:

I don’t think that the xml type works, as the field should receive a string just replace with:


It changes nothing.
When I export it from flash it just says:

That’s excatly what I get when I use the INFO TEMPLATE in CasparCG

Hm, what version of the Template Generator do you use? In the top right corner it says it very very small. What version of Flash / Animate? Because, if I remeber right that did not work in older template Generators, around CS6 or so.

And by the way: The framerate should be set to 50 for 1080i50 otherways it will flicker.

I use Flash CS6 and template generator 2.1.2 CC
But you mentioned earlier that it’s not possible with TLF text.
Now I’ve just tested with anotger template, that worked, and when I turn fields to TLF text it. does’nt work.
But to embed the fonts, and make sure that the template uses the font, I need to use TLF text, is’nt that right?
Then it might not be possible?

No, you only need TLF text for Arabic. For the normal languages you can use the normal dynamic textfields and also the newest Flash / Animater CC and TemplateGenerator versions. The dynamic text can also use the embedded fonts: Add the font to the library and name it. While you selected your textfield, scroll the font dropdown until you find the font with your name. It is normally on top of the list so you have to scroll upwards.