Template Generator 2.1.2 for Adobe Animate CC 2019

Today the Adobe Animate CC was updated to version 2019 and when wanting to copy the files of the Template Generator 2.1.2 that worked to the previous version (the files in the configuration folder should be copied) I see that the structure of the folder tree in this new version has changed and I do not know where to take these files, and I can not get this plugin to work.

Can someone guide me?


Hoy se actualizo el Adobe Animate CC a la version 2019 y al querer copiar los archivos del Template Generator 2.1.2 que funcionaban hast la version anterior (debian ser copiados los archivos en la carpeta de configuracion) veo que la estructura del arbol de carpetas en esta nueva version ha cambiado y no sé donde copair estos archivos, y no logro que funcione este plugin.

Alguien puede orientarme?

No one knows?

Sorry - still using 2017

You have to install it with Adobe Extension Manager.

Anastasy’s Adobe Extension Manager has an Update try it with this:

worked on my computer, Win10, AnimateCC

Doesn’t work

You have the lastest version of Adobe CC v 19.0?
I will try that in a few days, thanks.

Guys, i’ve tried Animate CC 2019 (19.2.1) and Animate CC 2020 (20.0.2). But in both apps i can’t find Template generator even after installing him with Anastasiy’s Extension manager
Adobe Extension Manager refuse to install this Generator. He says “Unable to install this extension. Flash ver. 11 or later is requierd”. I have a Flash player v installed. So still can’t find what’s the problem?
Help me))))

The easiest way to install the extension is this:
Rename the .zxp to .zip and unzip it to some folder and copy these files (on Windows):

  • /Template Generator.swf
  • /TemplateGenerator.settings
  • /TemplateGeneratorServers.settings
  • /jsfl/brew2.jsfl
    to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Adobe\Adobe Animate CC 20XX\en_US\Configuration\WindowSWF\


  • /CasparCGFramework-v.2.0.1.swc to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Adobe\Adobe Animate CC 20XX\en_US\Configuration\Libraries\CasparCG\
  • /caspar/template/TemplateMain.as to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Adobe\Adobe Animate CC 20XX\en_US\Configuration\Classes\casparCG\caspar\template
  • /templates/* to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Adobe\Adobe Animate CC 20XX\en_US\Configuration\Templates\CasparCG\

On macOS the process is the same, just instead of %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\ the path is ~/Library/Application Suport/

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I’ve performed all these actions, but every time when start Animate CC it sais to me “A JavaScript error occurred. Error: runScript: Argument number 1 is invalid.”
What does it mean?

I manage to install the generator 2.1.2 in animate2019 with the help of ZXPInstaller on OSX,
works fine (I’m pretty sure I tried on windows either)

for me the annoyng part is when only one document is open, each time you generate the template the window is reseted and empties all the fields in template generator

the simple solution is to have at least two document open all the time